chemiluminescence immunoassay CLIA analyzer Lumiray 1600

short description:

fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay  (CLIA) analyzer sharay1600

Throughput: Constant 120 test/h for allergies test and autoimmune diseases tests

60 sample positions,24 positions for regular reagent or 72 positions for

Allergy bottle with 24 hours refrigeration

Continuous cuvettes loading

Size: 112cm*73cm*70cm

Product Detail

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Advanced CLIA technology:

Enzymatic chemiluminescence principle

Glow-type luminescence

ALP-AMPPD system, and up to 10-21 mol/L high detection sensitivity

Independent magnetic separation 3-step washing system, cleanser

pre-heating function

size: 112cm*73cm*70cm
G.W.: 250kgs

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