Since its establishment, C-luminary has been in a state of rapid development, manufacture and business scale continue to expand. To meet this needs, we decided to move the headquarters of the in vitro diagnosis industry platform to Boli Technology Park, together with Chengdu Zongheng Science and Technology Park, Suzhou Tengfei Innovation Science and Technology Park and Hunan Medical Equipment Industrial Park, form the overall layout of “three cities and four parks”.

合影 (1)On July 13, 2022, 9 a.m., we held a ceremony in Boli Science Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone. Chengdu High-tech Zone Biological Industry Experts Association leaders, CCB leaders, agent partners, shareholders, chairman of the board, general manager and heads of various departments attended the ceremony.


Mr. Qin Feng, Chairman of C-luminary, and Mr. Gao Yang, General Manager of Rayto and Director of C-luminary, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Later, Mr. Qin cut the ribbon together with all guests to celebrate the new journey of C-luminary, which is another new milestone in the development process of the company.


Looking back on the past, we are excited, and looking forward to the future, we are more combative.

From West District science and Technology Park to Zongheng Science and Technology Park, all the way to the present Boli Science and Technology Park, We rely on the mind and hands bit by bit to establish a perfect R & D, registration, production, quality system, by high-quality products and services to build enterprise reputation. We always adheres to the innovation-driven concept, focuses on innovation and development, and creates high-quality in vitro diagnostic products.

After 4 years of hard work, we continue to develop and grow in a down-to-earth way, and realize phased leapfrog. Starting from a new starting point, we set our hearts together and start again, build a new journey of dream, and innovate brilliant

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