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Recently, the sharay 4000 chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer, a high-speed machine, was successfully assembled and powered on in four top third-class hospitals in Zhejiang Province. The instruments of the four hospitals will be used to carry out self immunity, allergy and other related testing items.

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Sharay 4000 is a high-throughput automatic chemiluminescence analyzer launched with light in the second half of 2021. It can realize two on-line and more than four on-line in the future. There are 40 reagent positions in the single analysis module, and the allergen detection can be expanded to 115. The maximum flux can reach 300t / h, which can be doubled online, which can meet the flux requirements of top hospital testing laboratories. 8-order magnetic separation cleaning technology is used to fully ensure the accuracy of the results; The automatic dilution ratio of cleaning solution can minimize the operation error caused by manual operation and reduce the operation burden of laboratory teachers.

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The successful installation of sharay 4000 reflects the recognition and trust of hospital experts and teachers in light carrying instruments and reagent products. In addition to Zhejiang Province, sharay 4000 has also been installed throughout the country, which once again confirms the excellent performance and excellent quality of light carrying products. On the road of the future, portable light will always be committed to developing and producing immune diagnostic products that can be used, affordable and well used by the whole society, continuously improve the accuracy of products, take care of human health and contribute to the cause of in vitro diagnosis!

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At present, we have developed more than 200 kinds of in vitro diagnostic kits on the independently established chemiluminescence based technical platform. The products cover various fields such as self immunity, allergy, thrombosis, myocardium, inflammation and infection. It has successfully built an integrated detection platform for immunodiagnosis with complete products, new methods and high quality.

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Post time: Mar-01-2022