Magnetic particle chemiluminescence immunoassay is a new analytical method combining magnetic separation technology, chemiluminescence technology and immunoassay technology. This technology makes full use of the rapid and easy automation of magnetic separation technology, the high sensitivity of chemiluminescence technology, and the specificity of immunoassay, showing an irreplaceable role in the field of bioanalysis. In order to further improve the assay sensitivity of CLIA, nanoparticles were used to immobilize enzyme-labeled antibodies, which could increase the amount of enzyme-labeled antibodies bound on the surface of individual antigens and thus play a role in signal amplification.


C-Luminary Biotech aims to build a comprehensive chemiluminescence service platform, providing project optimization, customization services, materials marking and technical consulting and other technical services. Our test menu covers over 10 series including autoimmune, allergy, thyroid function, hormone, tumor, infectious disease, bone metabolism, infection, myocardial and Torch, with 300+ products CE marked.


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Post time: Jun-30-2022